Trendy Fashions From the 1980s

Eighties fashion trends, what’s currently referred to as retro fashions, were one of the more unusual aspects of that particular age, and those styles are still a common fashion trend even these days. A single vital factor which was behind this fashion revolution within the 80’s was the development of Music Television (MTV). Most term the fashion sense of the 1980s as wild, while a few think it’s very trendy. Eighties fashion trends without the wildness is what we see today within the fashion circle.

Eighties Fashion Trends for Ladies


Clothing for ladies within the 1980s meant vibrant shades with shoulder pads or puffs as well as stone-washed jeans. Pink sweaters, puffy shirts, cotler pants and trench coats were extremely in style and many of the ladies wore this look on various occasions. Vibrant colors, particularly neon shades, were a favorite of the 1980s fashion trends. Additional eighties women’s clothing included the still common bat wing sweater, shell suit, leg warmers and leggings, crop tops, off shoulder shirts and mini skirts. The paint splatter fashion will additionally be one of the 80s trends which are now currently in style.


Neon shades were the more sought after within the 80s, be it accessories, shoes or clothes. Gladiator sandals, metallic and solid low shoes, pumps, and pointed stilettos were the more common shoe trends for ladies of the 80s.


The unruly, frizzy, fluffy and big hair was the more sought after hairstyles inside the 1980’s. The candy floss appearance for hair using glitter mousse was adored by every woman, who matched them with the correct accessories.


The eighties saw the usage of accessories such as the clutch handbags, pink lipstick, chunky big bronze or gold earrings, button earrings, slap bracelets, hats, banana clips and blue eyeliner. The veiled pillbox hat was stylish in the eighties.

Eighties Fashion Trends for Gentlemen

Coco Chanel – The Designer Who Created a Fashion Revolution

The brand Chanel is known and loved by people of all age groups since a very long time. Since the very inception of the brand, Chanel has been one of the most sought after fashion houses of the world, and is more or less like the leader in the fashion world. From established fashion designers to the girl next door who just likes to dress up her prettiest best, everyone has some or the other connection to Chanel. They all follow Chanel, learn from Chanel, and take inspiration from Chanel in way or the other.

Today, Chanel is not only a name that signifies class, perfection, style, elegance and divine, pure and elite fashion, but it is in fact the outcome of a fashion revolution started by Coco Chanel, the designer who changed the way fashion designers thought and executed their ideas. In 1957, Coco Chanel proved to be the queen of the fashion world when she became the recipient of the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award.

Chanel’s greatest creations are considered to be her classic Chanel 2.55 handbag and some fragrances and clothes which were her brainchildren. The Chanel 2.55 handbag revolution-alized the way handbags were designed for women and Chanel was the first to propose the idea that handbags should be made in such a way that they free women’s hands, and are comfortable to carry. Plus, the variety that she brought in with the different sizes meant that women of all kinds could carry these bags on all sorts of occasions, whether they are formal or casual.

From its initial days to the present times, Chanel has come a long way, adding more and more feathers to its hat. A number of celebrities have been spotted over the years carrying Chanel bags or walking down the ramp for Chanel fashion shows. More celebrities have been part of the ad campaigns that have been brought out by Chanel for their clothes and fragrances.

Currently, Chanel also has menswear items along with accessories such as shoes and belts for women. The brand believes in focusing on a blend of fashion with quality, and ensures that every piece that comes out of the Chanel factory is made and tested properly. From the materials used to the machines used on those materials for the purpose or execution and manufacturing, Chanel has everything hand-picked. This of course shows in the final products, which are no less than masterpieces.